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Withholding My Last Paycheck!?

Another game that employers like to play with their employees is keep the last paycheck or make unauthorized deductions from the last paycheck.

Be on the lookout for this.

Understand that your Florida employer does not have to cut you a check immediately once you quit or are fired.  You should not anticipate your final paycheck until the next regular payday.

If you have been fired or quit-- and things are not quite on the best of terms make sure that you:

  1. Provide your former employer with the correct mailing address that you want your check to be sent to. -- I would suggest that you do this in writing and keep a copy of the letter.  (This should not be an issue if your employer has direct deposit).
  2. Make sure that you know exactly how many hours that you worked- regular and overtime- and have copy of timesheets to prove it.  Employers like to come up with some excuse why your overtime was not approved for the last timesheet.
  3. Once your payday has come and gone-- send a letter to your employer demanding your wages.  KEEP A COPY OF THIS LETTER.
  4. If you still do not have your money-- then you need to take legal actions.

Also watch out for deductions-- employers like to charge ex-employees for everything.  They cannot do this.  It is truly a violation if the deduction reduce your hourly wages below minimum wage.  If you a salaried employee, deductions could destory over exemption status and you could be able to get overtime.

If you have not received your last paycheck after 15- to 20 days, you should contact an attorney.  This is a violation under both federal and state laws.  Under both laws, an employee may seek attorney's fees and cost for having to take legal actions to receive his/her lawful wages. 

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