Ocala/Gainesville Attorney- Unpaid Wages/Overtime

Required to Work "Off-the-Clock"

A simple rule to know i: if you work you are entitled to be paid. Sometimes an employee will be required to work and perform the same duties  before clocking in or will be required to be at work by a certain time and then have to wait to be assigned the first job before clocking in.Even if an employee can not document the work on the timecard, work is still work.

Other times, an employer will required that an employee finish a task at 5:00pm but make them clock out first.  If this work results in that employee's work hours accumulating to more than 40 hours in a workweek, overtime is owed.

Some employers do not require certain employees to clock-in or out at all.  All employers are required to-have some form documentation of the hours that an employee works each week.  If an employer is not keeping track of the employees hours, the employee should for his/her own benefit.

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